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Internet of Things (IoT)

We deliver Industrial IoT solutions that empower businesses to optimise their operations through real-time data analytics and remote monitoring. Our solutions help clients harness the power of connected devices and sensors to enhance efficiency, reduce downtime, and drive data-driven decision-making.

Web Design

Looking to build or improve your web applications? We can help with all stages of the web design process.

Technology Integration

Need help setting up a new system? We can help you integrate off the shelf software with zero-disruption to your business.

Cloud Managed Services

We offer Azure and AWS based cloud managed services so that you can rest assured knowing that your tech is reliable, secure and up to date.

What we are

A technological partner for Growing Businesses

We specialize in helping small to medium businesses build and manage their technology and digital processes, such that reporting, ordering and decision making is easier.

Our Team

Ben Israel
Computer Science & Biomedical Science Graduate
Tony Cerqui
Process Engineering & Business Information Systems Student

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Areas of Focus


IoT Development

We specialise in seamlessly deploying IoT devices and integrating them with cloud computing, analytics, and human expertise to digitise your industrial processes. Our IoT solutions empower asset-intensive companies to connect hundreds of devices through AWS, driving improvements in predictive quality, maintenance analytics, asset condition monitoring, and process optimisation, all while reducing waste and transforming business models for enhanced performance and productivity.


Systems Integrations

Our commitment to excellence in system integration means we meticulously assess, design, and implement solutions that harmonize your technology ecosystem. By seamlessly bridging the gaps between business units, we empower your company with real-time data accessibility, fostering better decision-making and process optimization.


Data  Management

Our cloud-based data management services provide a robust and scalable solution for efficiently storing, organizing, and securing your valuable data assets. Leveraging the power of cloud technology, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that encompass data storage, backup, synchronization, and access control.

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